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Wellness Examination

Step into the world of proactive pet care with our comprehensive wellness assessment, a vital cornerstone of your pet’s preventive treatment at Animal Hospital of Aurora.

Think about a detailed checkup that looks at everything about your furry friend, not just what you see on the outside. Our skilled care team takes the time to look at your pet’s whole health, carefully checking things like weight, how they’re physically doing, heart rate, breathing, and temperature. It’s not just a checkup; it’s a special journey to know exactly what your dog needs.

But we don’t stop there – picture an in-depth exploration of your dog’s eyes, ears, tongue, skin, coat, and lymph nodes during this physical examination. It’s a careful process designed to leave no stone unturned in ensuring your dog’s health and happiness. Our veterinarians engage with you in a meaningful conversation, addressing any concerns and providing guidance on necessary examinations or procedures. This isn’t just a check-up; it’s a collaborative effort between you, our caring veterinarians, and your furry companion to ensure a lifetime of well-being. Trust us to turn routine assessments into an enlightening experience that places your pet’s health at the forefront.

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