We understand the worry and concern that comes with these moments when your loved one facing a medical challenge that requires surgical intervention? That’s why we offer a range of surgical procedures, performed by our experienced and compassionate veterinarians.

We are equipped to handle a variety of surgical needs:

Ovariohysterectomy (Spaying): Ovariohysterectomy is the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus in female dogs and cats. This safe and effective procedure minimizes the risk of certain cancers and reproductive issues, allowing your female dog to shine brighter for years to come.

Castration (Neutering): Castration is the surgical removal of the testicles in male dogs and cats. We gently address unwanted behaviors and potential health concerns in male dogs and cats with this routine procedure, ensuring they can explore the world with carefree barks and playful wags.

Soft tissue and Orthopedic Surgeries: We may perform additional surgeries after consultation with a board-certified surgeon, such as orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, and cancer surgery. Whether it’s a torn ligament, a painful fracture, or age-related joint issues, our highly skilled surgeon can expertly restore your pet’s mobility and alleviate their discomfort, allowing them to chase squirrels and frolic in the park once more.