Our Clinic


Our Clinic

Welcome to Animal Hospital of Aurora, your one-stop pet clinic for all your pet’s healthcare needs.

We are a team of devoted and empathetic veterinarians and veterinary technicians, dedicated to delivering top-tier care for your beloved furry companions. Get them to our pet clinic near you.

Equipped with knowledge and facilities, our clinic provides a diverse range of services to cater to your pet’s unique needs. We firmly believe in the importance of preventive care for sustaining your pet’s health and well-being. It is our recommendation that you schedule a wellness exam and vaccinations for your pet at least once a year.

Furthermore, we provide an array of diagnostic testing services to identify and address any potential health issues your pet may be facing. In the event that your pet requires medical or surgical treatment, rest assured they will receive the highest quality care from our pet clinic and compassionate team.

At our pet clinic, we take care of dogs and cats. We make sure they stay healthy and happy. We offer different services to help them feel their best.

First, we do wellness examinations. This means we check them from head to tail to make sure everything is okay. We also give them vaccinations to protect them from getting sick.

Sometimes, pets need surgery to feel better. We have a team of experienced staff who can do that. If they need x-rays, we have a machine for that too. It helps us see inside their bodies to find out what’s wrong.

We also help with their diet. Good food makes for healthy pets! If they’re not feeling well, we have special tests to figure out what’s going on. Aftercare is important too. We make sure they’re comfortable and healing well after any treatment.

Last but not least, we take care of their teeth. Dental care is important for pets, just like it is for humans. So, if you want your furry friend to be healthy and happy, come visit us at our pet clinic!

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