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Dr. Aneeta Hussain - D.V.M

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Amy Campbell- Veterinary Assistant

Amy has had a passion for animals since she was little. She's always had pets growing up of all sorts. Small rodents, reptiles, cats and dogs. Amy plans to study for Vet Technician in the near future. She has 2 dogs their names are Akira and Phoenix, as well as 2 cats Riku and Sami, and 1 Hedgehog named Kokiri. When she's not at the clinic she loves to travel, read and be around family and friends.

Annissa Wong- Veterinary Assistant

Annissa has always had a passion for animals since she was in Elementary School. She has owned many pets, Such as Chinchillas, fish, turtles and dogs. She plans to study for Veterinary Technician next year or the year after. Currently, She owns 2 turtles. Her previous dog passed away last year. Her hobbies include outdoor activities, art, photography, and reading.

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